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Sachavacay, a retreat for purification and learning from Mother Ayahuasca

Don Diego is an Ayahuasca shaman who runs a retreat center in the Amazon, for the purpose of purification, healing and learning from sacred plants. He uses icaros, (medicine songs) to help facilitate healing, learned from plants and other shamans. … Continue reading

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The wave dance by Gabrielle Roth

Use this breath to move through emotions, to listen and to heal, heal your body, heal your mind, heal your soul. Dance yourself healthy!

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African healing dance

This video demonstrates the importance of dance for healing and health. Beautiful african dance.

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Your brain on drums!

Layne Redmond from Rhythmic wisdom talks about the symbols on frame drums and their histories.  She then discusses the different brainwaves, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta and how the rhythms help to keep you awake while experiencing Delta brainwaves that are … Continue reading

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The Elements of Trance Dance.

Using the elements of darkness, music and breath to take you into an altered state of consciousness for healing and transcendence.

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Best Music for Trance Dancing

Cambrey Lindsay Baccus discusses the music that she uses for trance dancing. Here are some of the albums she references in her video: and a favorite of mine…

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Trance Dance Instructions

Here is a wonderful introduction to trance dancing, to help you get out of your head and right into journeying.

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