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Zulu sangomas dancing in ceremony

This video was taken at my red ceremony as a student sangoma in the Zulu tradition. Notice the low entrance to the ancestor hut. The ceremony started on a Friday evening and ended the next day at around 4pm. The … Continue reading

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Christina Pratt: Shamanic Healing, Part 1 — What it is, how it works, what it will do for you

Christina Pratt beautifully demonstrates a soul retrieval. (She does it out loud so you can really follow along!) In our western society, where our own healing tends to be ignored, these “woundings” get passed on to the next generation if … Continue reading

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Your brain on drums!

Layne Redmond from Rhythmic wisdom talks about the symbols on frame drums and their histories.  She then discusses the different brainwaves, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta and how the rhythms help to keep you awake while experiencing Delta brainwaves that are … Continue reading

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Shamanic Music

Meditative music with shamanic drum beat, plus beautiful native american imagery.

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