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The secret history of Dreaming

According to Robert Moss, the author of “The Secret History of Dreaming”, we’ve been missing a vital part of history we need to know – how dreams, coincidence and imagination have driven great lives and great events in every field, … Continue reading

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James Gilliland Dec 17 2010 Update, Ancient Gods & Jesus

James Gilliland discusses Ancient Gods, Jesus, Elohim, God/Christ consciousness. He then discusses the acceleration of time, the monkey mind and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Solstice as we shift out of the old belief systems and realities that we created … Continue reading

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Malidoma Patrice Somé: African Ritual & Initiation – Jeffrey Mishlove

Malidoma Patrice Somé explains the view of the soul in the Dagara tribe that lives a shamanic life-style.  The soul is “an ageless entity that is preparing itself to bring a substantial contribution to the betterment and stability of a … Continue reading

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The Galactic Serpent

This video explore some of the Peruvian Laika shamanic prophecy.

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2012 Prophecies: Inka Elders talk with Alberto Villoldo

The Q’ero shamans of Peru perform annual destiny readings using coca leaves. In this video, they share their insights about the “End of Time” prophecies surrounding the year 2012. Unlike popular “End of Time” prophecies, the Q’ero don’t make conclusive … Continue reading

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