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Robert Moss discusses how to use dreams.

Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life, and Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death, The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead, A Soul Traveler’s Guide to Death, Dying and the other … Continue reading

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The Singularity – Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna and Gregory Stock speak about the epic transition we face in the very near future called the Singularity. This shift will be the result of the inevitable culmination of infinite technological progress and the emergence of completely new … Continue reading

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Don Alverto Taxo

<embed src=’’ allowfullscreen=’true’ flashvars=’&videoId=199&’ height=’338′ width=’480′> Don Alverto Taxo, a Quichua elder and Iachak (community leader/healer), shares his indigenous Andean perspective on the crises and potential of the current pachacuti (thousand-year cycle). Recalling the ancient prophecy of the eagle and … Continue reading

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