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In South Africa, white people become traditional healers (sangomas).

The number of white traditional healers, or Sangomas, is on the rise in Azania (South Africa). During Apartheid, the practice was made illegal. But now it’s big business, and some are unhappy that white South Africans are now practicing traditional … Continue reading

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A Revealing documentary about the most promising treatment modality for drug dependance available. It is the only substance we know, which is capable of blocking acute withdrawal in opioid addicts as well as cocaine and alcohol. Although the FDA decided … Continue reading

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Zulu sangomas dancing in ceremony

This video was taken at my red ceremony as a student sangoma in the Zulu tradition. Notice the low entrance to the ancestor hut. The ceremony started on a Friday evening and ended the next day at around 4pm. The … Continue reading

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Sobonfu Somé speaks about names and initiation…

Sobonfu Somé of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa talks about names, community, initiation, mentorship, challenges and ritual. It’s interesting that the life of a Dagara tribesperson is so similar to ours in the West in so many … Continue reading

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Don Alverto Taxo

<embed src=’’ allowfullscreen=’true’ flashvars=’&videoId=199&’ height=’338′ width=’480′> Don Alverto Taxo, a Quichua elder and Iachak (community leader/healer), shares his indigenous Andean perspective on the crises and potential of the current pachacuti (thousand-year cycle). Recalling the ancient prophecy of the eagle and … Continue reading

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