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The secret history of Dreaming

According to Robert Moss, the author of “The Secret History of Dreaming”, we’ve been missing a vital part of history we need to know – how dreams, coincidence and imagination have driven great lives and great events in every field, … Continue reading

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Fighting Cancer Using Your Dreams – Wanda Burch/Robert Moss

Robert Moss is an expert on dreams, dreaming and dream analysis. Wanda Burch discusses her way of discovering cancer through her dreams and guidance from her ancestors. Through dreamwork she could use it to help her heal her cancer.

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James Gilliland Dec 17 2010 Update, Ancient Gods & Jesus

James Gilliland discusses Ancient Gods, Jesus, Elohim, God/Christ consciousness. He then discusses the acceleration of time, the monkey mind and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Solstice as we shift out of the old belief systems and realities that we created … Continue reading

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On.. Curses, Curse Words and Illness

Keith Michael Robinson discusses the power of words and the importance of paying attention to how we use them. In John 1:1 the Gospel says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word … Continue reading

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Robert Moss: The Secret History of Dreaming

Bestselling author and active dreaming pioneer Robert Moss spoke at East West about the inner dimension to how things happen. Throughout history, dreams, coincidence and imagination have driven great lives and events in every field: war, healing, science and religion. … Continue reading

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