In South Africa, white people become traditional healers (sangomas).

The number of white traditional healers, or Sangomas, is on the rise in Azania (South Africa). During Apartheid, the practice was made illegal. But now it’s big business, and some are unhappy that white South Africans are now practicing traditional healing. As a student sangoma (twasa) I have found the situation very hard. White people would refuse to make eye contact, or stare, or even worse, pass you and when they are behind you, turn around and take your picture to show other white people. Black people are suspicious and will come up to you and ask you why you are wearing their traditional clothes. They they will test our Zulu language skills. You cannot become a sangoma if you do not have the calling, and the training is hard, but I suppose that people will complain if they feel that it is their cultural heritage that is being stolen, but in reality, it is a spiritual path and anybody who has a calling has to follow it regardless of skin color.

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