Alberto Villoldo – about 2012

Founder of the Four Winds Inkan shamanic school shares his predictions about the real meaning of 2012: the end of Western Civilization as we know it.

He doesn’t speak literally about great cataclysm, but rather speaks of the ongoing turmoil and devastation that is spiraling into “the great mulching” – in which the earth and the life force that it represents composts all that no longer serves life.

What’s required from us now is not simply healing, not simply correcting the wrongs of the past or the imbalances of the present, but a true illumination, an enlightenment.

We’ve been staying away from the mainstream – and now, says Alberto, we are the mainstream. Spirituality is no longer a luxury, a fringe pursuit, but a necessity as we ride the vortex of the great shifts of 2012.

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