Don Alverto Taxo

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Don Alverto Taxo, a Quichua elder and Iachak (community leader/healer), shares his indigenous Andean perspective on the crises and potential of the current pachacuti (thousand-year cycle). Recalling the ancient prophecy of the eagle and the condor, Don Alverto outlines a vision of a new society based on harmony, the honoring of diversity, and a shared evolution toward wisdom and the “subtleness of life.” He also describes Pacha Mama, Her relationship to God, the earth and humanity, as well as the serious consequences of disrupting Her natural equilibrium.

Don Alverto Taxo is a master Iachak of the Atis people from the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador. During a gathering of Andean Elders in 1989, he was given the responsibility of sharing the ancient Andean wisdom with the United States and Europe. He has since traveled to the US and Europe several times where he has taught and lectured. We met with Don Alverto in the village of Membrilla in the high Andes where he lives with his wife and children. Full bio and links »
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